Our most popular services!


$ 47
  • Every last hair gone including in the butt cheeks. Leave a little something on the front if you like!
  • 30 minutes max
  • Soft or Hard wax


$ 33
  • The middle ground! More off than a bikini but not quite a Brazilian. We leave the hair on and inside the labia but the rest is up to you. Your waxer will consult with you on exactly what you want before the service begins.
  • 30 Minutes max
  • Soft or Hard wax


$ 27
  • Hairs removed up to the crease of the leg on the front and on the upper inner thighs and a little off the top.
  • 20 Minutes max
  • Soft or hard wax

Here's a full list of our waxing services:


Lower body


Upper Body



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